Working With a Great Listing Agent

Selling your home can be a very stressful experience. For that reason, it is vital that you hire a skilled agent to do the job. There are many things that agents can do that will impact the selling process of your home. Every real estate agent has different ways with their traits, techniques, and marketing skills. Unfortunately, many real estate agents just put up a sign in the front yard and hope that they would get lucky. It is easy enough to perform the minimal amount of work and get by as an agent, but sellers deserve much more than that. Out of many things that real estate agent should do their clients, it is too easy for you to end up with someone who can’t even perform one of them. When you are dealing with one of your biggest assets, working with an incompetent real estate agent would be the last choice you want to make.
This guide will go over what you should expect from the right real estate professional.

Pricing the Home Correctly

The ability to appropriately price your home is one of the essential skills that your real estate agent should possess. Top real estate agents should be confident in pricing your home accurately and will never resort to making false promises just to gain your business. It will not only negatively affect the seller, but it is also the violations of the code of ethics that all licensed real estate agents are supposed to follow.
Some agents will purposely misrepresent home’s value while there are some who just lacks the skill to price the house accurately.  When the home is priced too high, this will cause many issues for both the seller and the agent.  It is extremely tough to sell an overpriced home even for the most experienced agents.  When a house sits on the market too long, many buyers will take advantage of the situation with low-ball offers.  If this continues, you may have to resort to selling the house for much less than what you would have sold for if it was priced correctly from the start.

Marketing is Everything

Marketing is much more than just putting a sign on your front lawn and hoping buyers will find you with full offer. The so-called, “post and pray Realtors” will do only that. Every real estate agent should have to know how to market the homes they are selling properly. Not all homes are identical, therefore, marketing each house needs to be approached in their special way.
From professional looking photos to staging, your realtor should be thoroughly knowledgeable in making your house more appealing to the buyers. The internet will be where many buyers will discover your home. Today, it has become easier for people to navigate through homes online. If your home isn’t catching home buyers attention at their first glance, they will just move on without looking back.
Creativity is a precious trait to have as a real estate agent. It is one area where only a few agents excel over the others. Today, your real estate agent needs to make use of all the marketing channels, not just the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). To market your home at the highest level, you should expect your real estate agent to use his or her website, their blog, and social media profiles to highly increase the chance of your house being found online.

Communication is the Key

Lack of proper communication is always one of the most significant complaints clients have for their agents. Real estate agents who don’t communicate well not only cause frustrates the seller but also the other party. Real estate can get very emotional for both parties, and too much stress from any of the side can never be a good thing.
It’s crucial to ask a real estate agent about their communication. You should never work with an agent who doesn’t understand the importance of communication. The real estate agent you work with must return your calls or emails promptly without too much delay. There is never a good excuse for poor communication. Sure, things can happen.. but if it occurs too much, you have to question why they are in the real estate business.
Too many real estate agents don’t feel that it is necessary to follow up with buyers who have attended the private showings of their seller’s property. It is imperative that sellers receive regular updates on feedback provided by the buyers. It’s also a big plus when your real estate agent can adapt to your preferred method of communication.

Negotiation Skills

The job of a seller’s agent is to get the most amount of money for his or her client in the shortest amount of time. Seller’s agents who advocate for their clients should always be striving for the most favorable terms for their seller. It is only possible for an agent who is knowledgeable of the industry and has the negotiation skills necessary to get the job done correctly.

Attend the Home Inspection

It is a good idea to work with a real estate agent who has no problem in attending the home inspection. The best scenario would be that both the seller and the agent can attend the home inspection. But it may not be necessary if you are working with a real estate agent is someone you can fully trust When the buyer asks for concessions based on the inspection, seller’s agent can protect a seller from unreasonable requests.

Business Connections

Great real estate agents have their very network of other great professionals. When interviewing a real estate agent to sell your home, it’s a good idea to ask about their list of reputable business connections. From real estate attorneys to movers, your real estate agent should provide their preferred partner list. It may be a good idea to work with your realtor’s business recommendations as he or she wouldn’t recommend someone who would hurt his or her reputation.

Final Thoughts

Sticking a sign in the front yard is something everyone can do with ease. Unfortunately, there are real estate agents who will do just that and nothing more. Remember that you are looking for an agent who can achieve everything above and possibly more. There are agents will do bare minimum versus those who will over exceed your every expectation. Do your research and work with the right one.

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