Useful Tips Before Selling

Every seller wants their home to sell fast while bringing in the most amount of money.  Many choose to sell their home without spending a single dime or effort.  However, taking this route can make you lose out on thousands of dollars you could have potentially added on your final check if you had taken the time to make some quick fixes and alterations.  Some of the ways that can increase your house value requires minimal to no cash investment.
This article will go through some of the tips that will help you earn the most amount of dollar when selling your house.

Treat Your Home like a Product

Trying to let go of the house that you have lived in for years can be emotionally very difficult. However, once you have made your mind in selling it, you have to treat it like any other product.
It is time to pack up all your personal photographs. Buyers are searching for space that they can call their own. You want buyers to imagine hanging their own photos the wall, not yours. It is difficult for them to see past other’s personal artifacts and will often become distracted.
Some people may hold great pride in their niche collections. However, you have to understand that not every shares a common interest. Removing all the unnecessary things from the house will make it easier for buyers to see the house as it was theirs.

Declutter Your Home

It’s almost always better to have fewer furniture in the house. You should consider removing few pieces of furniture from each room. Less furniture will make the house appear more spacious. Store every piece of furniture that may clutter up the walkways. Leave just enough furniture in each area to showcase the purpose of the room and plenty of spaces to move around. In your mini wine bar, it probably is a better idea to leave out of a single bottle of wine instead of your big old wine rack.
Remove everything that you are not willing to give up. Buyers can be attracted to many things from the house, but they won’t want what they can’t see.

Make Minor Repairs

It’s almost always worth it to make some minor repairs to your home before you list it to sell. It some seller’s market, it is possible to sell a home as is. More often than not, however, the buyer will almost always ask for some types of repairs. Minor repairs such as patching holes in walls are always worth it as it can be done at a low expense. Also, you should consider painting your walls neutral colors. Sure, you may find a buyer who loves your purple walls but its more practical to cater to the wider range of buyers when you want to sell your home fast.

Increase Curb Appeal

In retail, no one can argue about the importance of packaging of the product. It is the same for home selling. Your yard needs to be inviting. Trim back everything that blocks views from the windows and makes your home less visible. No matter how beautiful your home interiors are, if the buyer does not like the exterior of your home, he or she will not bother going in.

Upgrade Your Floors

While some may argue that flooring options are a matter of preferences, more buyers will want hardwood floors in their home. Often it will pay off to have the carpets removed for the hardwood floors. If you have a ceramic floor, replace chipped or cracked tiles. Make sure you grout and clean. While ceramic floors look nice, installing them fresh for intent on resale may not always pay off as it can get too expensive.
Although it’s not necessary to replace the flooring for the entire house, you should consider removing carpets from the living room and dining room. Options like engineered wood floors have become very popular as it can easily installed at an inexpensive cost.

Paint Your Walls

Painting walls with new paint are the most cost-effective improvement. While the cracks in a wall require some patching work, stains from grease or smoke can easily be covered up by applying new paint.
Steam off all the personal and dated wallpapers. Buyers may not like the existing wallpaper as much as you do. Make your walls look neutral as possible by painting it with neutrals colors like gray.

Update Your Kitchen

Appliances and cabinets can be costly to replace in a kitchen. If they are in excellent condition and does not require any improvements, you’ll save a ton of money. However, if your kitchen is out-dated with problems, your house will sell better with updates. Kitchen remodels will almost always increase the resale value of the home.

Update Your Bathroom

The bathroom is another prime place for updates, and it will often recoup for double the investment.  It’s essential to clean your shower doors and glass fixtures replacing them if necessary.  Any stains need to be refinished.

Check Your Roof

Buyers are hesitant to consider houses with roof problems. If your home suffers from a bad roof, you should consider getting a new one.


Buyers don’t expect their new house to come with fancy chandelier.  They just want a home that is ready to occupy without too much visible deterioration.

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