Home Buying Process

The process of owning your very own house can be overwhelming to many first time homebuyers. For you to have the most rewarding experience, it is essential that you understand your responsibilities and other professionals who are involved in the transaction.
This guide will help you to become more familiar with steps on buying a home.

Hire a Real Estate Professional

The process of buying a home isn’t too complicated when you are working with a skilled buyer’s agent. Your real agent should help you to get familiar with the real estate market and discuss with you on the type of home you are looking for.
In almost all circumstances, a home buyer doesn’t need to pay commission to his or her agent as the seller usually covers the cost. This means that your representation will not cost you anything.

Check Your Finances

Before you apply for a mortgage, you should first take a look at your credit reports and review your financial history.  Your credit report will be one of the critical factors that determine the loan terms that mortgage lenders will offer you.

Get Pre-Approved

You must talk to a lender for you to know how much you can afford in a house. This step is critical to a successful home shopping because sellers are more likely to consider offers that are accompanied by a pre-approval letter.

Search For Home

Your agent will have the tools and market knowledge to help you find the house that best meets your criteria. Schedule a showing with your agent plan a drive-by to preview neighborhoods to see what’s available.

Make an Offer

Your agent will prepare an offer based on the number of factors, including its condition, length of time on the market, buyer activity, and the urgency of the seller.

Negotiation and Contract

It may take a few tries until both parties can come to an agreement but you are almost there! Your agent will advise you on when inspections should take place and if additional types of testings may be necessary for the area. Also, your agent will go over the contract and inform you of all your rights and responsibilities as a buyer.

Under Contract

The contract has now been executed.  Unless one side defaults, the home is held for you until the closing.

Before Closing

You need to stay on top of your loan process, documents, and findings from the home inspection. Your agent will monitor your real estate transaction on a daily basis.


The seller’s ownership of the property will be transferred to you. The title company will act as a third party to facilitate the closing.


This article has outlined the general home buying process. Remember, though, that all real estate transactions are different. The most complicated and situational issues can best be handled by your real estate agent, your lender, your closing agent, or others who are involved in your home buying transaction.
You are about to make one of the most significant purchases of your life. Always stay informed by working with the right professionals.

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