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Give me a call, send me an email or a message – or simply chat with me online.  I’m never too busy for your questions.

My Real Estate Services

I am a versatile and self-directed professional who will work tirelessly yet efficiently to meet every detail of your real estate transaction.  Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, lease, or rent I’m here to help you meet every detail of your real estate transaction.


“ Liam’s years in banking have given him an eye for detail, and his digital marketing skill has proven to be indispensable in our project. Liam is someone who will put your interest above all else, and even more importantly, you can trust him as a person.”

David L.

My Mission

I come to work every day because my goal is to solve the biggest problem in today’s service industry. The problem is that everyone is guessing. When businesses only make promises based on practicality and not for genuine care, customers are unfortunately misled that they will receive the equal amount of value for their hard earned money.